Introducing: NowServing

Introducing: NowServing

The Healthcare App Made for Every Filipino

Access to healthcare you deserve, at the palm of your hands.
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Book Doctor Appointments

Whether it’s for a face to face clinic appointment or an online consultation, you can easily book for an appointment using NowServing. See all your upcoming appointments, for all the doctors that you love, all in one place.
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Online Video Consultations

Be in touch with your doctor from anywhere. No need to leave your home if it’s not needed. Use NowServing to book an online consultation and get the help you need while in the comfort of your home, or where-ever you may be.

Booking Follow ups

Book for a follow up with a couple taps. No need to pick up the phone and wait for somebody to pick up. Send in your appointment request and get notified once your schedule is set.


Update your doctors with your latest results. Send sensitive data securely, straight to your doctor. Need to ask about your schedule? Have a clarification about your prescription? Just ask.
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1 Place For All Your Documents

Receive documents, lab requests, letters, prescriptions and instructions from your doctor and keep them together in one place.
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Medicine Delivery

Get your prescription fulfilled with a few taps. Received a prescription? Send it in and have it delivered, straight to your doorstep.

Services and Partners

NowServing offers home service COVID RT-PCR testing and has partnered with HMO’s, laboratories and more.

Online Payments

You can pay your doctor fees and online services via NowServing. Pick from a number of online payment solutions.
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Connected Healthcare

NowServing connects you with thousands of Filipino doctors from all over the country, to help make healthcare accessible. Patients also have easy access to the most important services they may need to help them improve their health and to comply with the treatment recommended by their doctors. Our mission has always been to make healthcare and healthcare technology accessible for everyone. Through NowServing and all our partners, we continue to improve each and everyday, so we can deliver convenient access to healthcare.
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Frequently asked questions
How can I use NowServing?
NowServing is available on any device by going to and the app is available for both Android and iOS.
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