Introducing: SeriousMD

Introducing: SeriousMD

The Medical Practice Management App for Doctors

Run your whole medical practice, with one app.
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Electronic Medical Records

SeriousMD was initially created to help doctors keep Electronic Medical Records of their patients. SeriousMD’s EMR features have continued to evolve and adapt over the years to help make it easier and more convenient for Filipino doctors to use, which leads to faster and better care to patients.
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Online Video Consultations

Be in touch with your patients from anywhere. Whether you are in your clinic or at home or overseas, you can still see and help your patients. Send documents, instructions, e-prescriptions, lab requests and more. Check in with your patients, with just a couple clicks.

Online Bookings

Let patients book an appointment with your online. Whether it’s for a follow up or a new concern. No need to pick up the phone.


Send messages to patients you want to check in with. Automatically remind patients of their appointments and more!
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Access From Anywhere

Easily login from any of your devices to access your data. Whether it’s on a mobile device or a desktop or a laptop, you can easily retrieve data and help your patients.
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Appointments and Queueing

Appointment management with a few taps? Possible with SeriousMD. How about managing your daily queue? You definitely can! It’s easier than using paper.

Track Billings In the Clinic

Ever wondered about being able to easily track all your billings? Record and generate reports that you need, whenever you need them! Need an inventory tracker? You have that here, too.

Accept Online Payments

You can let patients pay their fees online. Easily send the bill manually or let patients pay first before they book an appointment. Patients can select from a number of payment methods as well!
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Connect With Doctors

Refer patients to other doctors. Send referrals, share notes, coordinate and give the best care for your patients.
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Online Visibility

Easily get found online and have added visibility to new patients looking for doctors via our NowServing directory.

Nationwide Partners

SeriousMD has partnered with HMO’s such as Medicard and laboratories, like Hi-Precision so you can get results as they become available.

Generate Reports You Need

Create reports about your in-patients, your procedures, your out-patient census and more. Need a report about your patients that you just saw today? You can do that.
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World-class Healthcare Technology

SeriousMD is here to provide world-class healthcare technology to Filipino doctors. Aside from making things convenient and easily accessible, doctors will also enjoy a seamless integration with the NowServing platform to be able to connect with patients and deliver convenient access to healthcare.

Frequently asked questions
How can I use SeriousMD?
Sign up for a SeriousMD account today and get started. Your trial period allows you to fully test the app and add up to 100 patients. You can choose to subscribe to SeriousMD Pro once you are ready.
What is NowServing?
NowServing by SeriousMD is the app for patients. It is connect to the SeriousMD platform. Doctors that use SeriousMD can easily communicate, do online consultations, send documents to patients that use the NowServing app.
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